Monday, April 28, 2014

Five Ways to Fall by K. A. Tucker: Review

Five Ways to Fall is the fourth book in a series, but they are companion novels, so there will be no spoilers.

Five Ways to Fall by K. A. Tucker is the fourth book in the Ten Tiny Breaths series. Here, we get side-character Ben's story, along with his love interest's POV, Reese. Ben has been in the series since the first book, and he seems like your typical womanizing pig, but this book (of course) makes you see him in a different light. Ben finally finds himself falling for a girl that just might make him...*Ben cringing at these words*...settle down.
Reese finds herself in Cancun, where she meets Ben. Things go down and Ben and Reese ALMOST hook up, but then a disaster ensues, leaving Reese humiliated and Ben curious about this purple-haired girl that has suddenly gotten under his skin...even if he doesn't realize it yet. As you can imagine, the story doesn't end there. Ben and Reese cross paths again, and that is where the story takes off. 
Now, with that out of the way, let me tell you just how much I loved this book.
Kathleen Tucker did not disappoint with this book in any way. A great end to the series. Ben and Reese have a heart-melt-worthy relationship. I haven't decided if this is my favorite book in the series, but it's pretty dang close!!
One thing I love so much about these books is that they are completely addicting, and there is never a dull moment. I read all four of these books back to back, and it didn't take me longer than a day to get through any of them...and that's saying something since this week I have been finishing up my classes for the semester, and it's been so crazy. Any second I had to read these books, I took advantage.
The characters are real people to me, and I so badly want to live in these books with them, they are all so incredible.
This book (as well as all the others in the series) made me feel a gamut of emotions. I cried, I laughed out loud (multiple times), I was angry, I was sad...JUST SO MANY FEELS BASICALLY. 
This series is my favorite all time New Adult series, and I highly recommend it.
On a random note, I LOVED Reese's nickname in this book - Reeses Pieces - so in honor of that, I give this book:

or actually just the whole box.